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Original  Silk, 18 x 26, custom size giclee reproduction prints are available for all of my works.

Please Contact Me for information, availability and pricing.

Sheila Underwood – Artist


Silk painting is such an exciting medium and requires much more planning. I stretch silk onto a wooden frame and draw with a resist called gutta. I use silk dye from France, which requires steaming to set. The dyes on silk flow and spread and do beautiful and exciting things. I use pure color and let it mix on the silk as opposed to premixing the color before it’s applied. My silk paintings are framed like a watercolor with mats and glass. Since I love the dramatic I also create huge silk hangings.

I love drama in my paintings. I don’t want to whisper flower; I want to SHOUT FLOWER!

“Paradise Found” Original Silk 24″ x 18″


Original Silk 30″ x 24″



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